Alabama’s Wild Edibles

It might not surprise you to know that there are a ton of edible plants in Alabama. Some I’ve tried before and some I’m just learning are edible. Here is a list of some of my favorites, along with a few I’m just learning about.

  1. Black/Dew berry: I LOVE black berries and dew berries. The major difference between them is the size of the berry and how they grow. Black berries are large and juicy. Dew berries are small, grow in clusters along the stem/vine, and can be fairly bitter- even when ripe.
  2. Chickweed: This stuff is highly invasive, impossible to get rid of, and surprisingly high in vitamin c. It has a light, grassy taste and a faint smell when pulled. I don’t normally eat it, but my chickens love it!
  3. Sour Clover: Not to be confused with the clover that honey bees collect from to create delicious clover honey. It may have a different name, but this is what I know it as. The stems, leaves and flowers are edible and quite sour. The flowers have a sweet and tart flavor.
  4. Kudzu: Yeah, you read that right. Everything on it is edible with the exception of the vine itself. I have not tried it, so I don’t have any input on taste.
  5. Onion Weed: This stuff grows all over my yard and I didn’t know it was edible until recently. Some sites say it has an onion smell, but I’m with the rest of the crowd that says it smells like garlic.
  6. Onion Grass A.K.A. Wild Onion: What can really be said? It’s an onion. Just on a much smaller scale.

I’ll be updating this list when I find new wild edibles to write about. Pictures to come!


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