Trial and Error with Chickens

Yeah, that title doesn’t sound so good. I know, but to be honest that’s how it is when you get into keeping chickens. So, here’s a list of things I’ve learned so far through trial and error with my birds.

  • Black Australorps are amazingly heat tolerant for a black bird. They’re a single comb chicken and it needs to be watched for frostbite in winter.
  • Dominiques are heat and cold hardy. Their loose feathers release heat well and the rose comb doesn’t get frostbite in winter.
  • Hatchery Rhode Island Red roosters are evil. I had to sell my rooster in 2013 and still don’t have a new one… yet.
  • Hatchery anything is mean. Remember, this has just been my experience. I could argue that it’s just Ideal’s birds, but I don’t know yet.
  • I have 0 luck with heritage RIR.
  • My hens can be evil.
  • The cross breed rooster from RIR over BA is the most beautiful rooster I have ever seen in person. This cross also creates super docile roosters that are very friendly and easy to handle.
  • The above cross creates sweet hens that are almost entirely black save for a few red specked feathers on the chest. Also an amazing layer.
  • Hatching eggs makes me crazy. I can pretend to not be fazed when I candle, but I still love seeing swimmers in the eggs.
  • I don’t like ducks. This is a long standing thing with me. Yet, I’m keeping a close eye on Ducky Girl and her eggs that are due to hatch in the next week.
  • I don’t like how long it takes to get chicks shipped. I still have 4 weeks until my babies are shipped, but I want them now.

So, not everything was chicken related, but most of it was. There are still a lot more things I could come up with. More to come.

Have a great day!


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